Retkietappi offers a superb setting for an active visitor to go to a hike. There are many different trails leading into the surrounding wilderness, among them routes that are challenging even for the most demanding hiker.

The Pieni Karhunkierros Trail is so much used also in the wintertime that it is fairly easy to hike. Some places require a little harder effort, though, due to a few sharp rises.


Sporting fishermen appreciate the famous sites of River Kitkajoki where the original trout stock is still intact. "King Trouts" of 2-6 kilogrammes are caught from River Kitkajoki, but catching them is very challenging. Around 150 trouts are catched from River Kitkajoki during the fishing season and their average weight is 3,4 kilogrammes.
Fishing on the river is itself a rewarding experience, even if the catch includes trout only occasionally.

In addition to trout, the sizeable River Kitkajoki grayling is well-known by fishermen even beyond the national borders of Finland.

Fishing licences are sold in Retkietappi.

The other great fishing rivers of Kuusamo, River Oulankajoki and River Kuusinkijoki are within an easy reach to visitors travelling by car.

Horse riding/ Horse and carriage rides

The variety of terrain of the environment of Juuma with its gravel roads and forest trails offers magnificent scenery for horse riding and carriage rides around the year. In winter time the snowy landscape welcomes the whole family to relax and enjoy themselves also on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Whether you want to relax on a peaceful sleigh ride or to go to an energetic and more demanding riding tour, Anun Talli (Anu's Stable) is the choice for you.

Hunting and berry picking

In autumn the vast grounds for hunting and berry-picking are easily reached by car. You might not need to travel far to find forest berries, though.


In wintertime there are many excellent cross-country ski tracks from Juuma to Ruka Holiday Resort, as well as a trail to the Oulanka National Park for hikers with snowshoes or skis.