The Story of Retkietappi

The story of Retkietappi dates back to1950's, to the time when there was no hanging bridge over the rapid Niskakoski. The tourists were taken over Lake Alajuumajärvi by rowing boat.

Coming back from the rapids, the visitors began asking for coffee and snacks, or at least for something to drink. Very often they were offered coffee.

As the demand steadily increased, the kitchen cupboard was eventually stocked with soft drinks, cigarettes, and sweets to be sold to the visitors. The selection expanded to souvenirs and other goods later.

In those days tourists came to stay at farms. They were served in between tending the cattle and other farm chores. Tourists were accommodated in the farmhouse, because there were no hired cabins then.

In the beginning of 1960's a kiosk and the first cabins were built by the shore of Lake Alajuumajärvi. At this time also campers came to stay in the area. As the amount of visitors grew, the kiosk was extended into a café in 1972.

It has been our purpose to keep the outward appearance of Retkietappi as it was decades ago, a part of the idyllic country landscape.

During the summer months, we want to welcome you to a café with a genuine 70's atmosphere.