The cabins of Retkietappi accommodate parties of 2-8 people.

Kelopirtti, Honkapirtti and Piilopirtti are cottages which can be rented year-round. The cottages have electricity and the provided facilites include adequate room heating and a wood-burning fireplace, warm water, a fully-equipped kitchen with dishes and cutlery, duvets or blankets and pillows, and a TV. Towels and linen are not provided, but sets are available to rent.

Kuusela, Peikkola, Tuulentupa, and Karhunpesä are wooden summer cabins with electricity, a wood-burning fireplace, an electric stove, a coffee maker, dishes and cutlery, and a refrigerator.

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Rental rates:
- Karhunpesä €30/day
- Tuulentupa, Kuusela and Peikkola €35/day
- Piilopirtti and Honkapirtti €70/day
- Kelopirtti €80/day